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(NT) -- Still medals at majors., 02/03/18 Sat With additional years of training, "mediocre" dancers become top placers. , 02/04/18 Sun It's not more training, it's their top WQ competition are gone living their lives in college away from the insanity. Not much worse than a 25 yo in a sparkly solo., 02/05/18 Mon To answer last question; yes, most athletes in dance retire or change "[email protected] as they mature. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] We are from Ohio where it's fairly flat and low altitude.

They can easily beat top dancers given more training and confidence. Traveled to Colorado Springs and feised the next day.

(NT) -- wrmum, 02/02/18 Fri It's not an insult if the best dancers have left.

Maybe they have just moved on or have other other athletics or IB curricula.

and many older dancers stop dancing because they have developed chronic injuries due to years of hard training.

Trying to plan sightseeing and day trips since dtr has a very small group that should be completely done dancing by am Sunday.(NT) -- Has anyone heard., 01/16/18 Tue Agree that this is late to hear.Rules states that qualifiers have to be presented to CLRG by Jan 14.But rules are straight forward (more inside) so safe to make travel plans, right? The hotel has agreed to extend the block deadline until Friday, to make up for the difficulties with booking in the block earlier.If you haven't had a chance yet to book your room, be sure to get it by this Friday, January 19th.

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