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She watched him go, her eyes glued to his wide womanly hips and his thick pillowy ass.Once he was out of sight she sighed and slumped a little, raising her coffee to stare into the black steaming liquid.Unfortunately, she had gotten more than she had bargained for, the date for its part had been lovely and Andrea had invited herself back to the blonde's place.The evening and grown passionate, a long-standing sexual tension between the two of them breaking down as kissing led to petting, petting had led to head and that had led them to the blonde's waiting bed.They had, it seemed after much gentle probing, virtually no shared interests.

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In the moments following her grand finish, his worn body slumped to the floor of the shower his pain and pleasure addled mind had, without him really thinking about it, fallen back on his original plan, asking her out."I don't know why I asked," Sky responded, resignation in his soft feminine voice, though it was a lie.The truth was he did know why he'd asked, it had been no secret that he had been attracted to Andrea, though apparently, she had misread his intentions massively, leading to his charged session with her in the showers.But on top of that, after he had gotten past the pain, the shame and the embarrassment, he'd loved it, loved being controlled, dominated, having that element of free will taken away from him as a woman as beautiful and as rawly empowered with sexuality as Andrea had had her way with him, using his feminine body for her pleasure.In that moment pressed against the shower wall, bruised, battered, his cheeks hurting from the muscle powered force of her thrusts, his once virgin star on fire from its unsolicited taking he had felt such bliss and ecstasy that he had cum without so much as a touch from her on his own member.

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